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Frequently Asked Survey Questions

  1. What is the period of time surveyed for ABX2-1 funding?.

    Response: The Department suggests using the month of March 2017. However, providers can select the month they choose to report which best reflects their use of the increased funding.

  2. Can service providers report on different months for their different vendor numbers to best demonstrate use of direct services funding?

    Response: Yes.

  3. Are there options on the survey to indicate classification of staff and what types of increases different classifications received?

    Response: Service providers can select from two broad classifications of staff: direct care staff and supervisory/managerial/director staff.

  4. For a service provider with multiple vendor numbers (vendorizations) and many employees who work under multiple vendor numbers, how should employees be reported for each vendor number?

    Response: Service providers are to report all employees who provided direct services for each vendor number and service code combination. For an employee who spends time providing direct services under multiple vendor numbers, the employee is to be reported under each vendor number.

  5. How do service providers account for all employees who received a direct services increase, and how should vacant positions be accounted for?

    Response: The Survey asks service providers to report on the employees working during the reported month. Providers do not need to report on vacant positions.

  6. What is the difference between the point in time service providers will report on the survey versus an audit for a full year?

    Response: The survey meets the requirement of the statute for service providers to report how the rate increase was used. Pursuant to the statute, providers granted this rate increase are to maintain documentation, which is subject to audit by the department or regional centers.

  7. Will we be required to submit backup documentation such as payroll documents along with this survey?

    Response: No.

  8. If I am vendored under one service code and vendor number do I have to fill out a survey for each regional center used?

  9. Response: Only one survey is needed for each vendor number and service code combination.

  10. Are service providers required to complete a survey for each vendor number and service code combination?

    Response: Yes.

  11. How do vendors know whether they are required to submit a survey?

    Response: The survey reporting requirement applies to all service providers who received a rate increase per ABX2-1 and were vendored prior to July 1, 2016.

  12. Was pre-populated service provider information pulled from regional center electronic records?

    Response: Yes.

  13. If a service provider was vendored after the ABX2-1 rate increases took effect, will they have to complete a survey?

    Response: No.

  14. Do service providers who did not receive an increase have to complete the survey?

    Response: No.

  15. Do service providers need to report use of the additional 5% increases that applied to respite, independent living, supported living, and transportation services on the survey?

    Response: No.

  16. Will the randomly selected service providers who provided cost information used to determine the amounts of the rate increases be required to report on their distribution of increases direct services and administrative costs funding?

    Response: Yes.

  17. What information is the Department requiring that providers report on the rate increases?

    Response: Consistent with ABX2-1, the survey requests information on how the rate increase was used by providers and includes the number of employees and their salary, wage, and benefit costs, increases provided to those employees, the percentage of time each employee spends providing direct services, and administrative expenses. A copy of the survey is available here.

Last Updated: 3/2/2018