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Health & Safety Waiver Requests

Welfare & Institutions Code sections 4681.6, 4648.4(b), 4681.5, 4684.55, 4689.8, 4691.6 and 4691.9 authorize the Department of Developmental Services (Department) to approve exemptions to rate freezes for the purpose of mitigating risks to consumer health and safety. Budget Trailer Bill, Assembly Bill 107 (Chapter 18, Statutes of 2017), required the Department to convene a stakeholder workgroup to consider simplified processes for providers seeking Health & Safety (H&S) rate adjustments. The Department conducted stakeholder meetings in Northern and Southern California. These stakeholder meetings provided the Department with valuable input and recommendations for improving and streamlining the H&S waiver process, including the development of a standardized request template for use by regional centers and service providers.

The Department is committed to processing H&S waiver requests in a timely manner. When seeking a H&S waiver, regional centers should submit the request to the Department as soon as possible. The following documentation must be submitted in the request:

  1. A completed H&S Worksheet
  2. A copy of vendor's original request to regional center
  3. A complete and accurate written request signed by the regional center Executive Director justifying the need for a rate increase to protect the consumer(s) health and safety. The regional center must thoroughly review information provided by a vendor, to support the request, prior to submitting to the Department.

Please send H&S requests and inquiries to: RCBHealthandSafety@dds.ca.gov. If a staff wage adjustment is needed to protect a consumer's health and safety, please contact the Department for a simplified worksheet at the email listed above.


Last Updated: 3/5/2019