Position and Wage

Celestine works as a guest services sweeper at the Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk — “I sweep and help guests with any questions. I always keep an eye out for suspicious activity to keep the park safe for everyone.” Celestine earns a competitive wage and has worked at the Boardwalk since February 2016. Working anywhere from eight hours per week to more hours as needed during the summer months when the park is open additional days, Celestine relayed: “I like working at the Beach Boardwalk because it’s a different atmosphere than my other jobs. I like how my job always keeps me working. There is never a time when I have to ask — What do I have to do next? I knew it was going to be different than working at my old job in food service. I also love going to the Boardwalk and thought I would enjoy working there.”

Employment Preparation, Applying, and Interviewing

Celestine learned of the job opportunity at the Boardwalk from an independent living service staff person and Celestine, with the assistance of staff, submitted an application and resume. Preparation for the interview included participating in interview role playing — even using sample interview questions relating to the job — learning how to dress professionally, and attending multiple orientations to become familiar with the job. In addition, Celestine provided: “My other jobs helped me prepare for the job I have now. The postsecondary program at Cabrillo College also helped me be ready for the job. I held various jobs while I was attending the postsecondary program at Cabrillo College and was also taught job skills there.”

Soft Skills

Celestine learned from the independent living service — and already possessed — soft skills, with Celestine’s greatest soft skill as being a team player!

Getting to Work

Reliable transportation to and from work is provided by the local public transportation system.

Doing the Job / Supports and Services

Celestine relayed: “For the first day, I had an experienced employee team up with me to teach me my job. I also have a job coach who watches me work for about two-to-three hours every day that I work.”


Sometimes people have challenges at work and may need assistance. Celestine experiences “anxiety when parents come up to me saying they lost their child. I begin to worry about the kid and forget to calmly call it in to the supervisor.” Celestine’s supervisor and independent living service helps with challenges.

Long-Term Goals

Celestine would like to become a ride operator at the Boardwalk. Also, “I would love to be an American Sign Language interpreter.” If needed, Celestine will take training classes or college classes help reach these long-term goals.