Cold and Flu

This slide deck and companion two-page tip sheet provides basic information on colds and the flu, including the usual symptoms, ways to prevent getting sick, and what to do if someone around you is sick.

This fact sheet can be distributed to vendor staff and direct support professionals (DSPs) to help them know basic facts about COVID-19 and how to prevent it.

This tool has a list of symptoms to help DSPs determine if they or a person they support is experiencing seasonal allergies or a cold or the flu.

This fact sheet provides information about respiratory illnesses, including prevention, symptoms, and tips for feeling better. This fact sheet can be provided to DSPs or to individuals with developmental disabilities.

This fact sheet can be used by DSPs to understand why vaccinations are so important for the people we support, and which vaccinations are essential.

This checklist tool can be used by DSPs or others to determine when to call the doctor about a fever-related illness.


Last modified: April 15, 2024