Self-Determination Program Enrollment

During the first three years of the Self-Determination Program, enrollment is limited to 2,500 people. The Self-Determination Program advisory group developed the following process for people interested in being a part of the program during the first three years.

What does someone need to do to be enrolled in the Self-Determination Program?

  1. Get information about the program. Go to an Informational Meeting. It is important to hear information about the Self-Determination Program. You need to learn about the possible opportunities and the increased responsibilities you will have as a part of the Self-Determination Program. Understanding this information will help you decide if the Self-Determination Program is the right choice for you. Contact your regional center to find out when and where Informational Meetings are scheduled in your community.
  2. Bring your UCI (Unique Client Identifier) number and current mailing address to the Informational Meeting. Your UCI number can be found on your IPP (Individual Program Plan) document. You can also ask your providers or your Service Coordinator for it. Your UCI number is needed for the Department of Developmental Services (Department) to add your name to the list of people interested in being a part of the program. From this list, the Department will select participants for the Self-Determination Program.

What happens after someone participates in an Informational Meeting?

  1. Organizations that conduct Informational Meetings will send your name, UCI number and address to the Department.
  2. Once the Department receives your name and UCI number, a letter will be sent to your current address as confirmation that your name has been added to the Department’s list. You can also verify that your name has been added to the list or that you have been selected by clicking on this link: SDP Verification Lookup.
  3. If you attended an Informational Meeting, but do not see your name on the list, contact the organization where you went to the Informational Meeting and ask if your name and UCI number were sent to the Department. It will take about 10 days for the Department to add your name and UCI number to the list once your information has been received.
  4. The Department has selected the initial 2,500 participants for the Self-Determination Program. The selection of individuals was made from those who had attended an informational meeting.
  5. Once selected, people can enroll in the Self-Determination Program. The enrollment will be done through the regional centers who will work with each participant to receive an orientation, establish an individual budget, etc.
  6. If you are not selected at first, your name will stay on the Department’s list in the event space opens in the program. Subsequent participant selections will occur if some of the initial 2,500 participants choose not to enroll or they enroll, then decide not to continue in the SDP. Timing for future selections will be established at a later date.
  7. After the first three years, the Self-Determination Program will be open to anyone who is interested. If you want to enroll in the Self-Determination Program after the first three years, talk to your regional center Service Coordinator.

The following enrollment tool has been developed to assist participants and regional centers in the next stages of SDP participant enrollment.

What happens after someone is selected by the Department to participate in the Self-Determination Program? Are there tools available to participants and regional centers to use in the transition process?

  • A Self-Determination Program Flowchart has been developed to illustrate how the various parts of starting in the SDP could look for a selected participant. This process may be different for each person and therefore this flowchart offers one way of implementing SDP and is intended to be a tool to assist in conversation regarding next steps. As the initial implementation rolls out, the flowchart may change as we all learn more. This document will be updated accordingly. View the Self-Determination Program Flowchart in English and Spanish, Arabic, Hmong, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Tagalog, or Vietnamese.


Last modified: April 29, 2023