Position and Wage

Karla works as a “packer” at BiRITE Market located on Divisardero Street in San Francisco, California.

Karla packs dried goods and produce, and labels and “prices” food items nine hours per week at BiRITE. She receives a competitive wage higher than minimum wage and has worked at her job for two years as of January 2016. Karla enjoys meeting people and making friends– “Everyone I work with is nice!” – she said when asked what she enjoys most about her job.

Acquiring Skills

Karla was seeking employment. The employment agency’s staff with whom she was working advised her of this job. Karla first participated in a trial shift to determine if she would like this job. Previous volunteer experience at the employment agency and at a food bank helped her prepare and solidify her skills.

Employment Application and Interviewing

With the help of the employment agency’s staff, Karla completed a paper job application and submitted her resume. She practiced interviewing techniques with the employment agency’s staff, and after the trial shift at BiRITE, was hired. Karla took the necessary steps to be prepared.

Soft Skills

When asked about her “soft skills” that are necessary for success on the job, Karla described herself as a “friendly and thoughtful” person who likes people!

Getting to Work

Reliable transportation to and from work is important to being successful, so Karla takes the “Muni,” a San Francisco Municipal Transportation bus to work, as well as a streetcar!


Karla, if she needs help on the job, will reach out and ask for assistance from her job coach. Challenges can happen at work. When Karla has a challenge, such as learning the names of people on her first day at work, she reached out to her job coach for assistance. Karla asked for and received help to overcome a challenge.

Long-Term Goals

Karla’s long-term goal is to work more hours, as well as to work at BiRITE’s Creamery ice cream scoop shop within the BiRITE grocery store.