Regional Center Listings

Regional Center Map by County

Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center

Executive Director: Melinda Sullivan

Phone: (213) 383-1300


Fax: (213) 383-6526

Early Start Intake: (213) 252-8610

Address: 3303 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 700
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Counties Served: The Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center serves the health districts of Central, Glendale, Hollywood-Wilshire, and Pasadena within the county of Los Angeles.

Harbor Regional Center

Executive Director: Patrick Ruppe

Phone: (310) 540-1711


Fax: (310) 540-9538

Early Start Intake: (310) 543-7927

Address: Del Amo Business Plaza
21231 Hawthorne Boulevard

Counties Served: The Harbor Regional Center serves the health districts of Bellflower, Harbor, Long Beach, and Torrance within the city of Los Angeles.

Inland Regional Center

Executive Director: Lavinia Johnson

Phone: (909) 890-3000


Fax: (909) 890-3001

Early Start Intake: Riverside County: (909) 890-4763
San Bernardino County: (909) 890-4711

Address: 1365 S. Waterman Avenue
San Bernardino, CA 92408

Counties Served: The Inland Regional Center serves the counties of Riverside and San Bernardino.