CFS Frequently Asked Questions for Potential Providers


How do I calculate the CFS Pilot Implementation Incentive Payments (CFS-PIIP)?

AThe CFS-PIIP is calculated based on the total dollar amount billed for CFS assessment and services for the prior month. As an example, you provide CFS assessments and services for 5 individuals in January. The total amount of your billing for those 5 individuals comes to $1,000 for the month of January. Your calculation for the CFS-PIIP for January is $1,000 x 11.1% = $111.00. Eligibility for payment of the CFS-PIIP requires that you meet all monthly reporting requirements. In this example, CFS-PIIP billing and monthly reporting for January assessment and services are due by the end of February.


Last modified: January 26, 2023