CFS Frequently Asked Questions for Potential Providers


How do I calculate the CFS Pilot Implementation Incentive Payments (CFS-PIIP)?

AThe CFS-PIIP is calculated based on the total dollar amount billed for CFS assessment and services for the prior month.

As an example, in January you provide CFS assessments and services for 3 individuals and CFS direct care services for 2 individuals. Your January billing for 076 totals $700.00 and your January billing for 076 with sub-code DIR totals $300.00. Your calculation for the CFS-PIIP for January is $700 x 10% = $70.00 under 076 and then $300.00 x 10% = $30.00 under 076 with sub-code DIR.

Eligibility for payment of the CFS-PIIP requires that you meet all monthly reporting requirements. In this example, CFS-PIIP billing and monthly reporting for January assessment and services are due by the end of February.


Last modified: June 8, 2023