CFS Frequently Asked Questions for Potential Providers


What is required for a vendor to receive the CFS Implementation Incentive Payment?

ACFS vendors providing services must submit a completed standardized report regarding the implementation of CFS services. Each report is due by the end-of-the-month following the month payment was received. For example, for payment received in June, the reporting month is June, and the form is due by the end of July.

The new standardized reporting tool for the CFS implementation incentive payment will be sent from CFS providers directly to the Department. Once received, the Department will notify regional centers that the CFS vendor has submitted the completed report and for which month the CFS vendor is eligible to receive the implementation incentive payment.

To invoice for the Implementation Incentive Payment, CFS vendors must use service code 076 with sub-code “CF%”.


How do I calculate the CFS implementation Incentive Payments?

ACFS implementation incentive payment calculations remain at the January 23, 2023 directive percentage of 11.1% but are based on the total amount paid to the vendor and not on the total amount billed by the vendor.


Enter amount paid last month : $


How do I get a copy of the CFS Vendor Monthly Reporting Form?

AContact your regional center and they will provide you the link to the online reporting tool.


Last modified: April 15, 2024