Canyon Springs

Canyon Springs Community Facility provides services to assist individuals with intellectual disabilities lead more independent, productive and dignified lives. Our program encourages learning in coping skills, impulse control, self-awareness, enhanced decision making and relationship skills. Individualized training opportunities are designed to attain increased independence, make safe and healthy choices, exercise rights and achieve life goals.


Integrity; Responsibility; Civility; Excellence; Collaboration/Communication; Leadership

Additional Information

Samantha Steele, Acting Facility Director 69-696 Ramon Road, Cathedral City, CA 92234 Public: 760-770-6200 Fax: 760-770-6244 Public Information and Tour Arrangements History Program Description Job Opportunities Location and Directions Gallery

Public Information & Tour Arrangements

In order to preserve the privacy and dignity of individuals living at CS, general public tours are not provided. Educational tours may be provided for groups at the discretion of the Facility Director. Tours for individuals are not available. For public information, or to schedule a tour, please contact the Assistant to the Director/Public Information Officer, at 760-770-6243. Members of the media who would like a tour are asked to complete and submit the Media Access Request and Agreement form.

Infection Control Officer:

In accordance with requirements of California Health and Safety Code (HSC) Section 1797.188(d), the Infection Control Officer for Canyon Springs can be reached at 760-770-6239.  For after hours, call 760-770-6253 and ask to speak to the Administrative Officer of the Day.


Opened in December 2000, Canyon Springs (CS) is a 57,000 square foot community facility leased and operated by the State Department of Developmental Services as an alternative to larger developmental centers (DCs). CS is designed to provide residential services, treatment, and training for up to 55 adults who have developmental and intellectual disabilities.

CS training and treatment is person-centered and focuses on the development of the individuals’ ability to manage their lives through various treatment/training opportunities such as behavioral supports and replacement behavior teaching, coping skills, life skills, supportive counselling, vocational skills, adult education, recreational skills, interpersonal relationship development, community integration and encouragement of health life choices that lead to healthy, happy and productive lives. CS also serves individuals ready to move from a DC towards increased community access and integration.

Program Description

Individuals live and work at Canyon Springs (CS) while they undergo focused training and treatment to help them learn to manage their lives and gain control over impulsive and inappropriate behaviors. The highly structured program provided by CS is intended to help the residents improve their abilities and personal conduct. As individuals demonstrate acceptable behavioral control and personal responsibility, as well as appropriate work, social, and living skills, they are assisted in returning to their original home communities or other less restrictive living arrangements.

The treatment program at CS is designed to provide its residents with work/job training including formal educational opportunities and new home life and living skills. Referrals for admission are made by Regional Centers. Each person is assessed and will participate in developing and carrying out an Individual Program Plan. Residents have opportunities to participate in a variety of integrated activities in natural environments at home, at work, and in the community.

Job Opportunities

Canyon Springs (CS) is a California State civil service employer. In order to be considered for a position at CS, you must have eligibility on a State of California hiring list or be a current or former State of California employee. To obtain eligibility on the hiring list you must apply for and successfully compete in an examination process. Applications and examination announcements can be downloaded at State Personnel Board or can be obtained by calling our Personnel Office at 760-770-6260.

Location & Directions

Located in Cathedral City, California, approximately 110 miles east of Los Angeles and adjacent to Palm Springs, this 57,000 square foot facility originally opened in 1989 as a mental health program under private ownership. The facility is leased by the Department of Developmental Services and has been updated and remodeled to meet Canyon Springs specific program needs.

About Canyon Springs & Neighboring Cities

Beautiful desert cities of Southern California are known worldwide as the ultimate vacation getaway. The Coachella Valley, with a population of 263,322, is the very essence of Southern California lifestyle – a destination of friendly neighborhoods, lush country clubs, and diverse shopping. Cathedral City reflects a unique balance among small-town atmosphere, big-city conveniences and desert resort living.


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