CSSP – Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of assignments will be included?

AThe Community State Staff Program (CSSP) may include a full-range of roles in the Community, from direct level of care staff, to ancillary professional staff, to administrative and managerial staff. The Community Contractor (CC) may select Community State Staff (CSS) as home administrators, quality assurance staff, consultants, or deploy them as trainers to multiple homes. Regional Centers can use CSS professionals and clinicians in their resource development or assessment and transition service teams. The Community State Staff Program Coordinator (CSSPC) will assist the CC to match the job descriptions to the scope of services for the developmental center/community facility (DC/CF) employees.


What are state staff’s responsibilities in the community?

AThe responsibilities of state staff in the community will vary based upon the assignment. These responsibilities will be communicated to staff prior to the hiring process to be sure each employee understands their role prior to making a decision to accept the assignment.


How are DC/CF employees selected for the program?

AThe CC and CCSPC work together to develop duty statements and job advertisements for each of the roles to be filled at the CC’s organization. DDS advertises to all DC/CF employees and collects applications from interested candidates. Informational Session(s) are arranged for the DC/CF employees to meet the CC representative and ask questions about the roles and work environment prior to any interview. After the interview process is completed the CC selects the candidate that best meets the needs of their organization depending on the outcome of the reference checks. All of this may be simultaneous to hiring activity the CC is conducting in the private sector.


What type of training will DDS provide to prepare state staff for a community assignment?

ADDS supports the employees’ preparation and training for the CSSP assignment. While awaiting the effective start date, the selected employee may participate in trainings identified by the CC such as Direct Support Professionals (DSP) training or the agency’s new employee orientation training and/or cross-training activities with the specific individuals that will be transitioned into the community.


Do assignments have to be full time?

ANo. The assignments may be designated as part-time. Full-time DDS employees who accept part-time CSSP assignments, may work the remaining portion of the time-base at a DC/CF or with another CC. No overtime hours will be approved working at the DC/CF.


How long does the employee assignment last?

AEach CSSP assignment is based upon the needs of the CC and the CSS. There is no time limit for the assignment to end. If either the CSS or CC determines that the assignment is no longer needed, a thirty day written notice is given to the other to end the assignment.


Will the employee’s classification, salary, benefits, bargaining unit contract change?

ANo. The employee retains their current civil service classification, salary and benefits and is protected under the provisions of their bargaining unit agreements. Their work location, work hours, and work duties may vary depending on types of service needs requested by CC.


Last modified: November 7, 2019