CSSP – Frequently Asked Questions



What is the Community State Staff Program?

AThe Community State Staff Program (CSSP) is a mechanism for Community Contractors (CC) to utilize the services of developmental center employees. Through a contract with the Department of Developmental Services (DDS), the CC and the Community State Staff Program Coordinator (CSSPC) will identify and match the skills of the vacant position. The CCSPC will coordinate the advertisement, recruitment and interview process. The CC will select the best candidate for their organization. This can include a variety of professionals from DDS services who would remain state employees while serving the Community Contractor.


What are the requirements?

AIn order to utilize the CSSP, a CC must establish a contract with the Department of Developmental Services. The CC and DDS must abide by the requirements of the hiring process and both must honor the agreements of the bargaining unit contracts for the involved employees.


If a contract is established, is the community contractor obligated to employ state staff or pay hiring fees?

ANo. When a contract has been established between a CC and DDS, it is not a binding obligation and there is no cost to the CC unless they employ staff through the CSSP. The CC may proceed with hiring activities through the CSSP Coordinator up through the selection interviews at no charge.


Do assignments have to be full time?

ANo. The assignments may be designated as part-time. Full-time employees through DDS who assume part-time CSSP assignments may work the remaining portion of the time-base at a developmental center/community facility (DC/CF) or with another CC. The CC will only be charged for the time the employee works in their organization.


How long does the employee assignment last?

AEach CSSP assignment is based upon the needs of the CC and the individual employee. If either of the two determines that the assignment is no longer needed, a thirty day written notice is given to the other to end the assignment and cc’d to the CSSPC.


What are the responsibilities of the Community Contractor?

AThe CC assumes responsibility for training and expenses, as well as deployment of staff, scheduling, assigning duties and functional supervisor of the state employee. The CC manages the employee’s work schedule and submits monthly timekeeping reports to the CSSPC.


What is the Community State Staff Program Coordinator’s role?

AThe CSSPC will assist in the development of the contract and assure terms are honored. The contract includes a description of the types of services needed, the terms for utilizing those services, and the associated costs. Contracts are renewed every two years and may be amended as needed. The CSSPC also guides the hiring process in accordance with all requirements of the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) and labor organization agreements. The CSSPC will direct advertisement of the community job, recruit staff, will coordinate an informational session with the CC and state staff, and set up interviews. The CSSPC serves as the state supervisor for the community state staff combined with a functional supervisor from the CC.


How does the billing occur?

AThe CC will be regularly billed by DDS through the contract for the employees’ salaries and benefits. The employee will continue to receive a state paycheck at the DC/CF or through direct deposit.


Last modified: October 29, 2019