DDS Self-Advocate & Family Survey


Survey Overview

Participants: 9,064 self-advocates, family members, legal guardians, provider staff and other community members.

Survey Dates: The survey was available from November 17 to December 18, 2020.

Survey Access: Online, via SurveyMonkey through computers and smartphones; links distributed through DDS email lists and community-based organizations.

Available Languages: Arabic, Armenian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), English, Korean, Persian, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.

Development: Content and wording were selected in partnership with stakeholders and community representatives.


  • The statewide Self-Advocate & Family Survey was designed to help the Department understand communities’ experiences with regional centers and service providers during COVID-19.
  • Self-advocates and families provided input on the supports they received and how these could be improved.
  • The survey results will be used to help inform the Department, regional centers and service providers on how to best serve self-advocates and families.

The buttons below are for the detailed survey report and the interactive dashboard. The report provides an in-depth analysis of the survey responses by the different communities that are served by regional centers and service providers. The interactive dashboard allows the user to view the overall responses or to focus on responses by a specific community.

To get started, choose a survey section and view the overall share of responses, or use the dashboard-level filters for the main survey response groups:

  • Respondent category
  • Consumer age group
  • Respondent ethnicity
  • Regional center

or for the support level responses:

  • Number of RC contacts
  • Contact level sufficient?
  • Support needs met?
  • Level of satisfaction
  • Importance of internet

Hold the Ctrl (Control) key to select multiple survey response groups or support level responses. Click on the eraser icon to clear the filters. The filters remain active in all the survey sections unless they are cleared.

Click directly on the bars in the charts to filter the other bars by that category in a survey section. Select multiple filters by holding the Ctrl (Control) key. Click outside the bars to clear the filters. The filters do not remain active in the other survey sections.

Some survey sections have response group selection buttons or a drop-down menu for questions with multiple items. Clicking a response group button shows all the categories in that group at the same time. This allows for a direct comparison of responses within each group.

Hovering over the bars in the charts activates a window with the number and percentage of responses in that category. This provides an alternate measure since some charts show the number and others show the percentage of the responses.


Click the tabs to load the survey sections


Last modified: April 16, 2024