DDS Videos

DDS produced videos are available on the DDS YouTube Channel.

TitleDescriptionVersionsProduction Date
Benton HouseInspirational video emphasizing what local collaboration can accomplish. Home in Santa Rosa for men with autism is remodeled and refurbished by local and state leaders.#181 English1993
ChoicesInterviews with people with disabilities in supported living environments.#185 English1993
Dreaming New DreamsInformative video about the Early Start Program for infants and toddlers with disabilities.#193 English1994
Hand Washing and GlovingThis video was designed as a training tool for direct support staff in the practice safeguards important to prevent the spread of germs. It provides step-by-step explanation and demonstration of proper technique for hand washing and wearing of disposable gloves.#267 English2011
Making My Own Choices - Billy and Brian Living with a FamilyThis in an example of a Family Teaching home, this is a home where people can learn independent living skills while being included in a small family setting.English2012
Making My Own Choices - Kyle's Own Room in a Group HomeAn example of a care home setting where a person may have a roommate or have their own room. English2012
Making My Own Choices - Elizabeth's Shared RoomAn example of a nursing facility (962 Home) that people with medical needs can move into.English2012
Making My Own Choices - Tony's ApartmentAn example of an individual with developmental disabilities has their own place with supports in their own home.English2012
Partnership For SuccessAn upbeat video that explores job training services available for persons with disabilities and visits them at their supported employment job sites.#195 English1994
Person-Centered Living Options - Part ATraining on Person-Centered Planning techniques and skills related to living options.#200 English1996
Person-Centered Living Options - Part BTraining concerning supported living choices and options for persons with disabilities.#201 English1996
Person-Centered PlanningThis video shows how person-centered planning has worked in the lives of three individuals and their families. Designed to accompany the DDS IPP Manual.#197 English1994
Public Speaking for EveryoneA training program developed at ARC San Diego to promote public speaking skills and training for people with disabilities. This training is now being implemented throughout the state.#222 English1997
Regional CentersRegional centers link individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to services and supports. This video, translated into Spanish, shares the real stories of families and the role regional centers play in the State of California.#242 English | #260 Spanish2000/2001
Self-Determination ProgramThe Department has developed an informational video that features consumers and families currently in the self-determination pilot project as well as those who are interested in the SDP.English | Arabic | Armenian | Cambodian | Chinese (Simplified) | Chinese (Traditional) | Farsi | Hmong | Korean | Russian | Spanish (Voiceover) | Tagalog | Vietnamese (Voiceover)2015
Spirit of LeadershipSelf-advocacy video featuring people with developmental disabilities in positions of leadership.#196 English1994
Stories From The CommunityIndividuals with developmental disabilities discuss their experiences living in the community. Produced by Protection Advocacy Inc.#220 English1997
The Power of Independence - The Value of Living IndependentlyThis video, produced for the State Independent Living Council, expresses the Value of Living Independently as told in their own words by a variety of people with disabilities. It's a powerful, touching and informative production that condenses a critical message into 18 action-packed minutes. This video was awarded an Honorable Mention in 2003 by the California State Information Officers Council. Two versions of the video are included on the same tape. Both are open-captioned and the second version is audio described.#284 English2003


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