Day Program

Day programs are community-based programs for individuals served by a regional center. They are available when those services are included in that person’s Individual Program Plan (IPP). Day program services may be at a fixed location or out in the community.

Types of services available through a day program include:

  • Developing and maintaining self-help and self-care skills.
  • Developing the ability to interact with others, making one’s needs known and responding to instructions.
  • Developing self-advocacy and employment skills.
  • Developing community integration skills such as accessing community services.
  • Behavior management to help improve behaviors.
  • Developing social and recreational skills.

There are many different types of day programs that provide a diverse range of opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities. If you are interested in learning more about day program services, ask your regional center representative for assistance.


Persons or organizations that provide day program services must be vendored by a regional center, meet any required licensing standards and meet local government requirements.

If you are interested in providing day program services, ask for information and help from the resource developer at the regional center in the area in which you wish to provide services.


Last modified: November 21, 2019