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Understanding Your HCBS Rights – February 2024

This webinar recording has Spanish and ASL interpreters. The Spanish interpreter will begin 2.18 minutes after the webinar starts.

Interpretación en español: haga clic en el globo blanco en la parte inferior de la pantalla con la etiqueta “Interpretation.” Luego haga clic en “Spanish” y seleccione “Mute original audio.” El intérprete de español comenzará 2.18 minutos después de que comience el seminario web.

The Department has partnered with Alo Consultation to conduct this training which covers the principles behind the HCBS requirements like accessing the community, choice in services & supports, and your right to have visitors. You will hear from individuals about their experiences with the HCBS principles and learn how to talk with your service provider or staff about the HCBS principles.

The Department has partnered with Public Consulting Group and Support Development Associates to conduct a series of trainings on the HCBS Final Rule as well as person-centered planning and practices. The series has consisted of both in-person trainings and webinars held across the state starting in August 2019 and continuing through June 2021, at no cost to training participants. Recordings of past trainings and information about upcoming trainings can be found below.

Developing a Community of Practice – June 2021

This training provided participants with information on how to apply the concepts of person-centered practices. Participants learned how to envision, structure, and plan for implementing lasting person-centered practices in partnership with individuals served, families, providers, and service systems.

Developing Outcomes through Person-Centered Planning – May 2021

This training provided participants with information on how to create meaningful outcomes and goals through person-centered planning. It shared examples that anyone can use to have better understanding on where to start and how to work in partnership to create a useful plan that includes goals to support desired outcomes.

Partnership in Person-Centered Planning – May 2021

This training provided participants with information on different styles of person-centered planning while reviewing what the federal and state requirements are for planning. It introduced tools that anyone can utilize to have better planning, including how to work in partnership with a support team to tie everything together into a useful plan.

Person-Centered Practices & Cultural Considerations – March 2021

It is important to learn and understand a person’s culture and beliefs and how those identities affect planning for services and supports. This training provided information on applying cultural considerations while using a person-centered approach to planning, including understanding the difference between cultural humility and cultural competence, and identifying key aspects of person-centered cultural humility to provide individualized services and supports.

A Person-Centered Approach to Risk – January 2021 PDF

This training provided information on risk and how to approach this topic in a person-centered way, giving participants tools to address this balance including defining risk, providing supportive environments, and encouraging informed decision making.

Continuing Person-Centered Engagement in Challenging Times – November 2020 PDF

This training provided information on balancing “important to” and “important for” as we seek a new normal, and give participants tools to address this balance while supporting elements of resiliency, including maintaining connections, helping people be and feel safe, and assisting people to have control.

HCBS Final Rule Webinar: Strategies for Providing Services in Alignment with the Final Rule – October 2020

This training focused on the intent of the HCBS Final Rule, the importance of person-centered planning, and implementing practices that consider both in the way services are provided.

HCBS Final Rule Self-Assessment Training – February 2020

This training focused on the expectations for completing the HCBS Self-Assessment, walked through the intent of the questions and strategies to ensure input from individuals served and their families are included throughout.

HCBS Final Rule and How it is Supported by Person-Centered Planning – September 2019

This training provided an initial introduction to person-centered thinking and a review of the person-centered service planning requirements specified in the HCBS Final Rule.

Overview of the HCBS Settings Final Rule – August 2019

This training provided an overview of the HCBS Final Rule, explaining who it applies to, and why it exists. We established a common understanding of terms, discussed the review process for settings in California, and reinforced the important role stakeholder input plays.


Additional HCBS Resources

Through the use of HCBS Compliance Funding, the Peer Partnership Funding project was formed as a collaboration of service providers with Tri-Counties Regional Center (TCRC) to create an HCBS Workbook titled, Living Well In My Community- A Guide to HCBS Standards and Person-Centered Practices.  This workbook was created to help people with disabilities and service providers better understand the rights and roles for living well in the community.  This can be found on the TCRC web site in three languages and is available for sharing and downloading. TCRC has also created a series of animated HCBS videos as an educational resource for individuals, families, and service providers. These videos can be found on TCRC’s YouTube page.

Additionally, Central Valley Regional Center (CVRC) has created two HCBS infographics – one for parents and families, and the other for service providers.  Both materials, as well as a variety of other resources, can be found on the CVRC website.


Last modified: July 3, 2024