Community Wraparound Services

Community wraparound services is a person-centered, comprehensive model of care designed to support individuals with mental health and/or behavioral support needs. Wraparound services include case management and a planning team that supports individual’s choice, voice, strengths and needs. As a Safety Net stabilization option, wraparound services support individuals to remain in or return to the community with inclusive community options, activities and opportunities.

Process Model

The Wraparound model works through a process of team planning to facilitate an individual in achieving their goals. A facilitator assists in putting together a planning team. The team can include the individual, their family and friends, people from their community, rights advocates, providers and the regional center service coordinator. Driven by person-centered principles, the individual guides the process by making choices about their goals and which services and supports will help them achieve those goals. The team members then work together to put the plan into action, monitor how well it’s working, and change it as needed.

Wraparound Services

If you are interested in wraparound services, talk to your regional center service coordinator. Wraparound services are available through generic resources and as a regional center funded service.


Last modified: April 15, 2024