Respite is used to relieve family members from the responsibility of providing care to their loved ones with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). Services can be intermittent or regularly scheduled supervision.

In-Home Respite

This service can be intermittent or regularly scheduled for temporary supervision that is provided in the home. In-home respite workers that are trained by a licensed health care professional may provide incidental medical services that are restricted to gastrostomy, colostomy/ileostomy, and urinary catheter care. More information can be found on our DDS website.

Crisis Respite (out-of-home respite in an acute care facility)

Crisis respite provides services out-of-home. It includes 24-hr observation and temporary care by crisis workers in a licensed residential facility to relieve families of caring for their loved one with I/DD. Services and supports are available to families for planned or emergency needs.

Behavioral Respite

Behavioral respite is intermittent or regularly scheduled non-medical care and/or supervision that is provided in-home for individuals with I/DD and behavioral needs. Staff teaches the individual self-help and daily living skills, implements a pre-existing behavior plan to support behavioral needs.


Last modified: April 20, 2022