Preventing and Managing Diabetes

This slide deck and companion tip sheet provides basic information about the two types of diabetes and how Type 2 diabetes can be prevented or managed.


Diabetes Risk Test

This quick tool can be provided to Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) to help assess the risk of the person they support developing diabetes.


Medication Safety and Diabetes

Many people with developmental disabilities take one or more prescribed medications, which might include insulin if they also have diabetes. This tip sheet provides important questions for DSPs to ask when supporting individuals in taking their medications.


Diabetes and Nutrition

Many people with diabetes are prescribed special diets to control the level of sugar in their blood. This fact sheet provides two tools that DSPs can use to assist the people they support to plan meals.


Three Activities to Help Manage Type 2 Diabetes

These three activities provide examples of how DSPs can help the individuals they support with managing their type 2 diabetes.


Dealing with Diabetes in the Winter

If you have diabetes, the winter season can bring certain challenges to managing it. DSPs can use this tip sheet to come up with ideas with the individual they support of how to manage their diabetes during winter.


Last modified: December 16, 2020