In-Person Survey (IPS) Comprehensive Dashboard

National Core Indicators In-Person Survey for the State of California.


The In-Person Survey is a face-to-face interview with individuals (ages 18 and over) who receives services from the CA Department of Developmental Services through a Regional Center.

To get started, choose a survey section and topic, and make selections for:

  1. Survey question
  2. Regional center
  3. Year

Optional filters are available to explore responses based on demographic characteristics. Regional center can also be selected by clicking on the map. Charts will automatically update.

Export views of the data as an image or a PDF by selecting the corresponding download button in the lower portion of the dashboard view.

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IPS Data | Download the NCI In-Person Survey data spreadsheet

IPS Report | NCI In-Person Survey 2017-18 report

DDS | California Department of Developmental Services

UC Davis | University of California, Davis, Human Services


Last modified: November 15, 2022