Office of Protective Services

The Office of Protective Services (OPS) is committed to protecting and preserving the quality of life within the Developmental Center and Community Facility, through our commitment to excellence, dedication and service to the residents and all others we serve through the delivery of specialized law enforcement and fire services.



Trusted Leaders in the Community

The Office of Protective Services (OPS) generally provides specialized law enforcement services to individuals within the Developmental Services Community. Regardless of this, it is our aim to be trusted law enforcement professionals, wherever we can best serve the citizens of California. In order to accomplish this vision, we are dedicated to ever improving our knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as broadening our opportunities to serve.



Revolutionizing Protective Services to Preserve Safety & Quality of Life, through Evolving Relationships with those in the Developmental Services Community.

The Office of Protective Services has devoted ourselves to revolutionizing Protective Services through building strong relationships with various Stakeholders and Experts within the Developmental Services Community. It is our belief that we all will benefit from our shared experiences. As Law Enforcement professionals, the OPS has the responsibility to teach the realities about protecting the most vulnerable individuals in our communities. By cross-sharing ideas, we will be able to better collaborate with experts, in order to improve the safety of individuals with Developmental Disabilities.



Transparency – Integrity – Expertise

In choosing the Values we wished to embody, the Strategic Planning Committee opted for a simpler approach. The values we chose, Transparency, Integrity, Expertise, embody many of the value-options we considered. One side-benefit of our selection is that the words spell-out “T.I.E.”, making it easy for everyone to remember our departmental values. “Remember to Wear your T.I.E.”


Strategic Plan

2020 – 2025

OPS’ success is incumbent upon each employee familiarizing themselves with the new 2020-2025 Strategic Plan, as it sets the foundation for what each of us must contribute to make OPS succeed in revolutionizing its future. We want to encourage each member of the OPS to consider the improvements your co-workers created to help guide us successfully into the future of Client Care and Protection.

Strategic Plan 2020-2025 PDF


Last modified: April 29, 2023