Lanterman Act and Related Laws

California Laws

The Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act is codified in the California Welfare and Institutions Code. This compilation, prepared by the Legislative Counsel, includes the 2023 revisions to the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act and related laws (Divisions 4.1, 4.5, and 4.7 of the Welfare and Institutions Code and Title 14 of the Government Code). For the official and most current versions of the Lanterman Act and other California law, please visit the California Legislative Information website. This edition shows all sections as they are in effect on and after January 1, 2024. If you have questions, please email

The publication, “A Consumer’s Guide to the Lanterman Act,” is a booklet for adults with developmental disabilities and was written with the help of consumers.

This guide is in Adobe Acrobat PDF. Please note that the files are large and may require updating to the current version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to be correctly viewed and printed.

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Please email and include your name, organization, address, and phone number; and how many copies of the English or Spanish versions. There is a limited supply of these booklets; requests of more than five(5) copies per address will be filled on an as-needed basis.

Department of Developmental Services Office of Legislation, Regulations and Public Affairs Attn: CONSUMER’S GUIDE 1215 O Street (MS 9-10) Sacramento, CA 95814

If you have any questions regarding the above publication, please contact the Office of Legislation, Regulations and Public Affairs at 916-654-1884.


Last modified: May 9, 2024