Supported Employment Services

Supported Employment (SE) services through the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) and regional centers can be provided either through the vocational rehabilitation program or the Habilitation Services Program (HSP). SE services are aimed at finding competitive work in a community integrated work setting for persons with severe disabilities who need ongoing support services to learn and perform the work. SE placements can be individual placements, or group placements (called enclaves), or work crews, such as landscaping crews. Support is usually provided by a job coach who meets regularly with the individual on the job to help him or her learn the necessary skills and behaviors to work independently. As the individual gains mastery of the job, the support services are gradually phased out.

The DOR is the main vocational rehabilitation program SE service provider for adults with developmental disabilities. However, if the DOR is unable to provide services due to fiscal reasons, the regional center may be able to help individuals served get a job by funding SE under the HSP, or by referring them to other programs that provide SE-like services if these services are available in their area.

If you are interested in applying for SE services you should ask your regional center representative for help or you can apply directly to the local DR office in your community. The nearest DR office location and telephone number is listed in the State Government section of your telephone directory.


Last modified: April 29, 2023