Community Placement Plan

The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) has a statutory responsibility to ensure that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities live in the least restrictive setting, appropriate to their needs. DDS designed the Community Placement Plan (CPP) and Community Resource Development Plan (CRDP) for regional centers to enhance the capacity of the community service delivery system and to reduce the reliance on the use of developmental center and other restrictive living environments. The CPP and CRDP provide funding to the regional centers for the development of a variety of resources, including, but not limited, to residential development, transportation, day services, and mental health and crisis services, within individuals’ communities consistent with resource development as described in Welfare and Institutions Code sections 4418.25 and 4679(a).

The regional centers can also use CPP and CRDP funds to develop safe, affordable, and sustainable homes as a residential option. CPP and CRDP funds create permanent housing through the “Buy It Once” model where a housing developer organization (HDO) owns the property for the restricted use by regional center consumers. For this residential option, the regional centers must submit a housing proposal to DDS using the guidelines below, requesting approval of CPP and CRDP funds for the acquisition and development of HDO-owned housing for the benefit of consumers.


Housing Guidelines


Last modified: April 25, 2024