Mental Health Services Act – Cycle V

Fiscal Year 2020/21 through 2022/23

The following three regional centers received MHSA funding for projects. Please click the project link below to view information about each project.


In collaboration with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), the project will provide mental health services to consumers ages 14 and older with developmental disabilities.

This project will:

  • Link project participants with a peer support specialist for case management;
  • Provide mental health and drug/alcohol recovery services to participants; and
  • Support participants in identifying personal goals for recovery and wellness.

Area Served:  Imperial County

Project Amount Awarded:

FY2020-2021: $331,378

FY2021-2022: $331,466

FY2022-2023: $331,530

Children’s Collaborative Mental Health Project

In partnership with Kendren Community Mental Health Center, the project will provide person-centered mental health assessment and referrals to consumers ages 10-17 that are dually diagnosed or at risk of developing a mental disorder.

This project will:

  • Provide support and intervention for children who have mental health symptoms to improve resilience and well-being;
  • Offer training to service coordinators, community clinicians, and school educators on how to identify and better serve individuals with dual diagnosis; and
  • Increase parental knowledge about concepts in mental health and psychoeducation.

Area served:  South Central Los Angeles

Project Amount Awarded:

FY2020-2021: $162,904

FY2021-2022: $206,860

FY2022-2023: $213,520

Redwood Coast Regional Center, in collaboration with several local agencies, will target improved social and emotional development in children birth to age five.  Participating agencies include Easter Seals to implement early intervention programs, North Coast Nature Center to provide Incredible Years training, Autism Intervention Professionals for behavior consultation, and RL Therapies for speech and ancillary therapy.

This project will:

  • Host events and trainings to build workforce capacity in social and emotional development;
  • Provide monthly virtual Parent Academies to families in rural areas in both Spanish and English to educate parents on social emotional development skill building; and
  • Develop and implement programs for children up to five years of age who demonstrate a significant delay in social and emotional functioning.

Area served:  Mendocino County, Lake County, Humboldt County, and Del Norte County

Project Amount Awarded:

FY2020-2021: $187,366

FY2021-2022: $192,128

FY2022-2023: $193,047


Last modified: April 29, 2023