Regional Center Projects Focusing on Early Childhood

The Department of Developmental Services receives Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) funds for regional centers to develop and oversee innovative projects. These projects focus on treatment for children and families with mental health diagnoses. The following projects focused on mental health for young children and their families:

Redwood Coast Regional Center:  Families and Supports Together (F.A.S.T.)

Redwood Coast Regional Center, in collaboration with several local agencies, will target improved social and emotional development in children birth to age five.  Participating agencies include Easter Seals to implement early intervention programs, North Coast Nature Center to provide Incredible Years training, Autism Intervention Professionals for behavior consultation, and RL Therapies for speech and ancillary therapy.

This project will:

  • Host events and trainings to build workforce capacity in social and emotional development;
  • Provide monthly virtual Parent Academies to families in rural areas in both Spanish and English to educate parents on social emotional development skill building; and
  • Develop and implement programs for children up to five years of age who demonstrate a significant delay in social and emotional functioning.

Area served:  Mendocino County, Lake County, Humboldt County, and Del Norte County

  • Harbor Regional Center Side by Side: Enriching Children’s Lives through Parent-Provider Relationships

In collaboration with the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health, the County of Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services, and other local community partners, the project will convene a planning and advisory board to identify local needs and system challenges. The project will provide symposiums for service providers and parent workshops, culminating in a final symposium inclusive of service providers and parents. This project will specifically:

  • Develop and increase competence of the early intervention workforce;
  • Guide future trainings on early intervention;
  • Increase parental knowledge of child development;
  • Improve engagement with families;
  • Increase progress in social and emotional development; and,
  • Increase collaboration and coordination of services.
  • South Central Los Angeles Regional Center Engaging Families to Effectively Support Their Child’s Social and Emotional Development

In collaboration with Eastern Los Angeles Family Resource Center, this project will train Early Start partners to provide evidence-based, prevention and early intervention services to families and their children, including adult consumers with children at risk. This project will also improve identification of social and emotional delays, increase referrals, and implement evidence-based supports and services to enhance family relationships and improve social and emotional development.

  • Central Valley Regional Center Enhancing Cultural Competence in Clinical Care Settings – The 4C – In collaboration with Central California Children’s Institute, this project expanded the content of Central Valley Regional Center’s (CVRC) MHSA Cycle II project, the Foundations of Infant Mental Health Training Program. Enhancing Cultural Competence in Clinical Care Settings – The 4C, through team-based learning, promoted culturally competent clinical care and systems coordination in early childhood mental health. The project was framed around two models, The Neurorelational Framework (NRF) and Use of Self as a Cultural Being.

  • Central Valley Regional Center Foundations of Infant Mental Health Training Program – The program developed and implemented a multi-county, multi-disciplinary program for professionals from agencies within the regional center catchment area. It is directly responsive to the professional development needs of these agencies.
  • North Bay Regional Center Project Connect  – The project addressed barriers and gaps across the early childhood mental health service systems in the tri-county region. Project Connect familiarized agencies and professionals with the importance of the social-emotional well-being of young children. Training prepared professionals to support, evaluate, intervene early, and treat the mental health needs of young children and support their families.

  • Golden Gate Regional Center Infant Mental Health Training – This project developed and implemented training on infant mental health (relationship-based preventive intervention practice) utilizing evidence-based service models.
  • San Andreas Regional Center Santa Clara County Infant Family Early Childhood Mental Health Certificate Program – This project established a collaborative community partnership. This partnership provided strategic professional development to strengthen a diverse workforce of collaborative and trans-disciplinary partners.
  • San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center Training on Strategies for Working with and Supporting the Children and Families of Young Consumers at Risk for Abuse and Trauma – This project convened training for early start and adult providers, families, clinicians, and regional center staff on the best strategies for working with and supporting the children and families of young consumers at risk for abuse and trauma. Additional training focused on families, consumers, and providers who work with adults and adolescents with developmental disabilities and mental illness.


Last modified: April 29, 2023