Early Start Program Guidance Materials

Early Start has a variety of materials and products to support a statewide, comprehensive and coordinated system of child find, public awareness and outreach. Outreach materials increase appropriate referrals, increase the community’s knowledge and understanding of early intervention services, and support families’ role in early intervention.

The Early Start Personnel Manual (ESPM) PDF, recommended by the California State Interagency Coordinating Council on Early Intervention (ICC), describes the foundational principles, competencies and evidence-based practices needed to support effective service delivery. The manual also elaborates key roles of interdisciplinary team members, how to support seamless service delivery and how to matriculate through the Early Start personnel system.

ICC Recommended Guidelines for Speech and Language Therapy Assistants (SLPAs) Roles & Responsibilities in Early Intervention PDF This document, developed by speech and language pathologists and early interventionists from around the State, provides information including SLPA qualifications, scope of duties and their role in providing early intervention services.

A one-page document that acknowledges DDS funding and sponsorship of a local training event. English PDF
Effective Early Childhood Transitions: A Guide for Transition at Age Three — Early Start to Preschool, Version 2, December 2013  PDF The guide identifies both required elements for transition and recommended practices to support families and their children as they successfully navigate transition from Early Start to other services at age three.
Effective Training and Technical Assistance (T&TA) Reflects and Promotes the Following Core Messages PDF Early Start endorses the Core Messages as a guide for effective early childhood T&TA activities, in the belief that they promote positive outcomes for young children and their families. The core messages were developed by the Training and Technical Assistance Collaborators, an interagency partnership in California dedicated to delivering quality personnel development activities for children birth to five with disabilities and other special needs and their families.
Effective Practice in Providing Family Support PDF This is a training and technical assistance document on services and supports that are family centered for agencies serving young children and their families.The document includes a self-assessment tool. It was updated from its original version entitled Family Support Guidelines for Effective Practice which was originally developed in 1994.
Best Practices for Early Start Infants and Toddlers Who Are Deaf PDF This publication demonstrates the identification of hearing loss in a child by six months of age, followed by appropriate intervention and, is the most effective strategy for the normal development of language in deaf and hard of hearing children.
AB 2909 Study PDF is a study for Services for Infants & Toddlers Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.


Last modified: April 29, 2023