Emergency Preparedness

Preparing for an Emergency

This slide deck and companion two-page tip sheet introduces different types of emergencies and outlines steps to take to prepare for any emergency.


Preparing a Home for an Emergency

Your organization will need to prepare for emergencies for both your staff and the individuals you serve. Use this tip sheet to get your home ready for an emergency, including having an Emergency Action Plan for the workplace and training.


Creating an Emergency Evacuation Plan

Having an emergency evacuation plan in place for the individuals you support is important for the safety of all. This activity can be provided to Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) to fill out with each person they support.


Preparing an Emergency Kit

DSPs and individuals supported should always check with their organization to understand their guidelines for emergency preparation. This checklist tool details the basic items to include in any emergency kit.


What You Can Do to Stay Safe Inside the Home, When Evacuation is NOT an Option

Sometimes, you can’t evacuate during an emergency. This tip sheet can be provided to DSPs or individuals supported to outline how to stay safe during emergencies like fires, chemical accidents, and severe weather.


Mental Well-Being During Emergencies

While it is important to physically prepare for emergencies, it is also important to know how to manage mental well-being during emergencies. This tip sheet can be given to DSPs during training or to be kept in an emergency binder.


Last modified: December 16, 2020