Medication Safety

Assisting an Individual with Self-Administration of Medication

This slide deck and companion tip sheet can be used in training staff on assisting individuals that they support with self-administering medications.


What’s Working and What’s Not Working

This person-centered activity can be used to train staff on how to handle disagreements that might come up with supporting an individual to safely take their medication. This can also be distributed to DSPs to try the activity with the individual they support.


Filling Out a Medication Administration Record

This tip sheet introduces how to fill out a Medication Administration Record (MAR). During training on administering medication, provide this tip sheet to DSPs as well as the MAR template example.


Medication Routine Worksheet

This tool can be distributed to DSPs so that they can work together with the individuals they support to find a routine that will help guarantee that the right medications are given at the right time.


Talking to Families about Medication Safety

This tip sheet discusses a common issue for some DSPs that can lead to medication error incidents: working with families of the individuals they serve to safely administer medication. This document may be helpful in trainings on medication safety or as a reminder to give to DSPs about how to talk to families.


Last modified: December 18, 2020