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Leadership Through Personal Change – Think – Plan – Do

This guide is to help people with developmental disabilities to have self-determined lives. To learn simple ways, using supports, everyone can participate in directing their futures.

Think-Plan-Do is the way the Consumer Advisory Committee uses to identify leadership goals and carry out plans for everyday life.

The guides and stories on video are divided into four areas. Under each area are stories to assist you with your goals. There are 15 topics. These guides help you to use Think-Plan-Do: How to think about what you want, create a plan to get there, and take action to be successful.

Think – Plan – Do

Planning and Decision Making

Making a Decision

Mission Statement

Organizing and Planning

Finding a Mentor

Taking Care of Yourself

Being Calm and Relaxed

Being Healthy

Professional Image

Managing My Money

Listening and Speaking

Listening & Asking Questions

Accepting Advice

Public Speaking

Leading My Own Team Meeting

Making Goals Happen

Finding a Job

Building a Career

Having My Own Business

Ways to Make Complex Information Simple

This publication is to help individuals with developmental disabilities be prepared and understand what is being said at meetings and be able to vote. The information will help people who support boards and committees know how to make changes or adaptations to board materials so each member can understand the meeting business.

Making Adaptations

A Picture Library Dictionary

Adaptation Samples


Feeling Safe Being Safe

The Feeling Safe, Being Safe workbook will help you make a plan that you can use in case of an emergency. The videos demonstrates how to complete the workbook and put together a home emergency kit. The printable magnet lets you post your important emergency contact information on your refrigerator for first responders.

Training Handout


Large Feeling Safe, Being Safe Magnet to post in your home

Feeling Safe, Being Safe Packet Video

Training Materials

Video #2: Being Prepare


Video #4: The Magnet


Video #5: The Emergency Kit


Video #6: Community Supports



Emergency Kit Supply List

Background on how Feeling Safe Being Safe was developed

Other CAC Publications

Rights of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Handout

The Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act affirms that individuals with developmental disabilities have the same legal rights and responsibilities guaranteed all other individuals by the United States Constitution and the Constitution and laws of the State of California. Section 4502 of the Welfare and Institutions Code includes a list of specific rights. In order to assure that individuals with developmental disabilities and their families know about their rights, the department developed, with the assistance of Capitol People First, Short Center North/DDSO, Inc., Mayer-Johnson Co., a handout graphically illustrating the rights.

Advocating with Your Elected Official

Elected officials need to hear from people they represent about important issues affecting their lives. Contacting your representatives is an effective way to have your voice heard. This booklet guides you when sending personal letters or emails, telephoning and meeting with your elected officials. It provides website links where you can find information about legislators and proposed legislation.

This easy to use workbook and companion videos, assists people in making decisions about the end of their life. This project was funded by a DDS Wellness Grant and created through the combined efforts of Alta California Regional Center, Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center, Golden Gate Regional Center, California Coalition for Compassionate Care, and the Board Resource Center.



  • Video 1 – This video explains how to complete the workbook.
  • Video 2 – Conversations with two California advocates about their personal experiences.
  • Video 3 – This video gives an overview on the “Thinking Ahead” materials, with a commentary by Judy Citko, Director of the California Coalition for Compassionate Care.


This book will help consumers to understand how to become better members of boards

Guide to Healthy Living

This guide can help you create your own healthy living goals and a plan for action

Making My Own Choices

This booklet has been developed to help people choose things that are important to them in their life.

From Conversations To Actions Using The IPP

This booklet shares the real life stories of how consumers can set their goals and objectives and work through the IPP process to achieve them

Picture Sticker Book

The Picture Sticker Book was developed by the Department of Developmental Services Consumer Advisory Committee as part of the IPP and Choice Making series. This sticker book is for use with “Making My Own Choices” to help people in developmental centers tell helpers and advisors what they want for their life in the community and while still living at the developmental center.

Speaking for a Better Tomorrow, A Guide to Making an Effective Speech

This Guide was created for consumers to use on your own, or with help from someone. You don’t need to take a class to use this workbook. You can use this Guide to help you give a short speech about the story of your life. You can also use this guide to help you give a longer speech, for example, as a conference keynote speaker or at a school assembly. If you plan to use this Guide for training, it is recommended that you conduct the training in three, six hour days and that consumers be provided supports, as needed, to achieve the maximum benefits.

Last modified: August 12, 2020