Fair Hearings Complaint Process

A Process for Consumers or Applicants Age 3 Years and Older

The fair hearing process is a process for resolving disagreements between the regional center or state developmental center and consumers or applicants who are age three or older. For disagreements involving consumers or applicants who are UNDER three years of age, refer to Early Start Mediation and Due Process Hearing Requests.

Under the fair hearing process, disagreements may be about services, eligibility or any decision or action of the regional center or state developmental center with which you disagree. The fair hearing process includes a voluntary informal meeting, mediation, and a fair hearing. The fair hearing brochure and necessary forms to file for a fair hearing and withdraw from a fair hearing are available from your local regional center or by using the following links. If you have questions about the fair hearing process, you may contact your local regional center or the Department of Developmental Services at 916-651-6309.

Fair Hearing Process Brochure PDF
This brochure advises an applicant/recipient of regional center services of their appeal rights and the fair hearing procedures.
DS 1803 – Notice of Proposed Action PDF
DS 1803 is completed by the regional center to advise an applicant/recipient of regional center services of any action the regional center proposes to take which may affect their services and their right to appeal.
DS 1804 – Notification of Resolution PDF
DS 1804 is to be completed when the issues identified for hearing have been resolved and the hearing is no longer necessary.
DS 1805 – Fair Hearing Request PDF
DS 1805 is to be completed by the applicant/recipient of regional center services, or his/her authorized representative, if an informal meeting, and/or mediation, and/or fair hearing is desired.

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Last modified: February 8, 2021