Lanterman Act Eligibility & Service Appeals Process

Anyone aged 3 or older who has applied for regional center services, or who is currently receiving regional center services, can appeal regional center decisions they do not agree with. Click here for information on Early Start appeals.

Lanterman Act Eligibility & Service Appeals Information PacketPDF

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View the Lanterman Act Eligibility & Service Appeals Information Packet as a Website

Request an Appeal Online

DS 1821 – Printable Form to Request an AppealPDF Use these if the “Request an Appeal Online” link above does not work for you. Español  | العربية |Արեւմտահայերէն| فارسی | हिन्दी | Lus Hmoob | 日本語 | Khmer (Cambodian) | 한글| Laotian | Português | Русский  | 简体中文 | Tagalog | اردو |  Tiếng ViệtMienh

DS 1820 – Notice of ActionPDF Español  |  العربيةԱրեւմտահայերէն  |  فارسیहिन्दीLus Hmoob日本語  |  Khmer (Cambodian)  | 한글  |  ລາວPortuguêsРусский  | 简体中文  |  Tagalogاردو  |  Tiếng ViệtMienh

DS 1822 – Notice of ResolutionPDF Español   |  العربيةԱրեւմտահայերէն  | فارسی  | हिन्दी  |  Lus Hmoob  | 日本語Khmer (Cambodian)한글ລາວPortuguês  |  Русский  |  简体中文Tagalogاردو  |  Tiếng ViệtMienh

DS 1823 – Appeal Request ChangePDF Español  |  العربيةԱրեւմտահայերէն  |  فارسیहिन्दी | Lus Hmoob日本語  |  Khmer (Cambodian)  | 한글  |  ລາວPortuguês | Русский  | 简体中文  |  Tagalogاردو Tiếng ViệtMienh

DS 1824 – Final Reconsideration RequestPDF Español  |  العربيةԱրեւմտահայերէն  |  فارسیहिन्दीLus Hmoob日本語 Khmer (Cambodian)  | 한글  |  ລາວPortuguêsРусский  | 简体中文  |  Tagalog اردو  |  Tiếng ViệtMienh

Sample Good Faith Belief LetterPDF EspañolالعربيةԱրեւմտահայերէն  |  فارسی  | हिन्दी  |  Lus Hmoob日本語  |  ខ្មែរ  |  한글ລາວPortuguês  |  Русский  | 简体中文  |  Tagalog  |  اردوTiếng Việt  |  Mienh

Regional centers must implement final hearing decisions as soon as possible and implement the decision no later than 30 days after the date of the final hearing decision.  If the regional center can’t implement the final hearing decision within 30 days, they must notify in writing, the person the hearing was about and any authorized representative and the Department  of Developmental Services.  The regional center must explain:

  • The specific exceptional circumstances that make it impossible to implement the decision within 30 days: and
  • The date when the decision will be implemented.

A regional center client or their authorized representative may ask DDS for help getting a hearing decision implemented.  Email or use the online form below to ask DDS for help.

Office of Administrative Hearings Advisory Committee (OAHAC):  This committee will meet two times per year to give the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) and DDS input on conducting the mediations and hearings.

2023 OAHAC Meeting Information:

For more information: Department of General Services, Office of Administrative Hearings Advisory Committee

Applications for Membership Are Accepted on an Ongoing Basis

Submit RC Implementation Delay Letters to DDS here.

Hearing Implementation Delay Letter TemplateWORD

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DS 1820 – Notice of Action (NOA) Template WORD

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DS 1821 – Appeal Request Form WORD

Español (Spanish)  |  العربية (Arabic)Արեւմտահայերէն (Armenian Western)  |  فارسی (Farsi)हिन्दी (Hindi)Lus Hmoob (Hmong)日本語 (Japanese)  |  ខ្មែរ (Khmer (Cambodian)  |  한글 (Korean)  |  ລາວ (Laotian)Português (Portuguese)Русский (Russian)简体中文 (Simplified Chinese)Tagalog  |  اردو (Urdu)Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)  |  Mienh (Mien)

DS 1822 – Notice of Resolution (NOR)WORD

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Good Faith Belief Letter TemplateWORD

Español (Spanish)  |  العربية (Arabic)Արեւմտահայերէն (Armenian Western)  |  فارسی (Farsi)हिन्दी (Hindi)Lus Hmoob (Hmong)  |  日本語 (Japanese)  |  ខ្មែរ (Khmer (Cambodian)  |  한글 (Korean)  |  ລາວ (Laotian)Português (Portuguese)Русский (Russian)  | 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese)Tagalog  |  اردو (Urdu)Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)Mienh (Mien)

Your Appeal Rights – Foldable 3-Panel BrochurePDF (To Print & Distribute)


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